Our staff are committed to your child's development and learning

What makes us unique?

Our community is key to our children's success

Our children love learning in our huge backyard

Imaginative play, learning to share, making friends, becoming more independent and ready for big school

Nurturing, creativity, learning about routines, imaginative play, expression through song and dance

Our Approach

Whether you are at work or taking some time out, you can trust that your child is receiving quality education and care programs. These programs include long day care, after school care, casual care and holiday care.

We are committed to providing a comprehensive service with affordable, high quality, developmental and educational child care services to your community for children aged between six weeks to 12 years. Our culture embellishes a family focus where we encourage friendships between families for advice and support.

We pride ourselves on an open-door policy. Our Centres are open at all times for you to visit your child or any of our educators. We value participation and parental involvement in your child’s care and this policy assures continuous improvement in the quality of care, work practices and your children’s protection.

Learning Through Play

Hillston Billylids believes that “Play provides opportunities for children to learn as they discover, create, improvise and imagine.”


Early Years Learning Framework – Hillston Billylids Early Learning Centre have created an environment to stimulate and challenge children. The National Early Years Learning Framework is a program designed to stimulate brain development through play-based learning. We offer a controlled program to compliment the success of your child’s abilities now and in later years.

Benefits of play include:

  • Children are able to express their personality and uniqueness
  • Children are able to display characteristics such as curiosity and creativity
  • Children make connections between old and new experiences
  • Children develop relationships and concepts
  • Play stimulates a sense of well-being

The first five years of a child’s learning and development forms the basis for a child’s learning in years to come by providing them with the essential skills to ensure happy, confident learners.

The Early Years Learning Framework plays a critical role in developing a love of learning. During the early years, children develop a sense of self; the framework’s fundamental view draws on children’s lives as being characterised by belonging, being and becoming and ensures our Centres are linked to family, home culture and home language to ensure each child is uniquely cared for.


Our activities, curriculum and facilities are designed to make children feel comfortable in their learning environment. Our Centres aim to create a home-like feel with natural furnishings, colours and resources. Photos of children with their loved ones are also prominent in each room; the aim is to create an extension of each child’s home life.


Our evolving curriculum recognise the significance of the here and now in children’s lives. Programs are designed around the children’s current interests and allow them to actively engage and develop relationships with others, achieve challenges and learn something new every day.


During the first five years, children experience rapid growth and change. Throughout their time at our Centre, Children feel a sense of becoming as we prepare them for the next age group or to move on to school. Our programs have a strong emphasis on creating and developing skills for life to ensure children are comfortable to engage in society.

Our Rooms

We have two rooms available at Billylids; Jumping Joeys and Busy Bees. Contact us for information on after-school and holiday care.

Jumping Joeys

Our attentive, caring staff provide a safe, nurturing, family friendly atmosphere for your baby. Verbal communication between parents and staff will determine when your child is ready to transition to Busy Bees.

Busy Bees

Once children are ready they can transition to our bright and cheerful Busy Bees room. We encourage role-play and risk taking in a safe environment, as well as increased play with other children.

Diversity & Inclusion

Hillston Billylids welcomes and celebrates all cultures, child needs and also provides access to other family services.


Billylids provides a range of opportunities for children and their families to share their personal stories creating an atmosphere of cultural respect and acknowledgement of diversity.

Mutual respect across cultures involves being open to different ideas and approaches and appreciating the enrichment this provides. Acceptance of diversity encourages children to appreciate and respect differences in others. We celebrate the diverse cultures that exist across our families and community. We do this through books, stories & songs.


Inclusion and support of all children, particularly those with special or additional needs is a priority for the Billylids team.

Our staff have experience with a range of needs and can work with you and your child to ensure a safe and happy learning experience

Further services

Hillston Billylids can connect parents and families to allied services locally and around the region. Speak to one of our friendly team for more information.

Billylids can provide access to an education & therapy support service for children 0-6 years with special needs & their families. Early intervention service for children aged 0 to school age with a diagnosed disability or a developmental delay in two or more areas. Email KU Services for more information.

Murrumbidgee Local Health District
Griffith Early Intervention Service 

Sustainability and Environment

Children can enjoy the spacious, well-resourced outdoor learning areas at Billylids. These spaces foster an appreciation for the environment, with an emphasis on sustainability.